Projects - Orphan’s Day Celebration

The Orphan's Day celebration aims to relieve part of the stress and sufferings faced by the orphans as well as introduce a happy event in their young lives, which they would not forget.

Orphans do require financial support but they also do need care, love, guidance, support and tenderness. Human Concern International (HCI) did not want the Orphans’ day to pass unrecognized. Thus, during the month of April, HCI partnered with Gozour Foundation to celebrate the Orphans’ Day with a group of young orphans. The event took place at “Fagnoon”, a rare treat where a child can freely express him/herself and develop both artistic and creative talents.

During that day, children were given the freedom to choose the activities from the different workshops available at Fagnoon. The children had the opportunity to play together as well as paint, draw, color and design wood crafts and textiles. The children started the day by playing in the rope jungle gym. They passionately enjoyed the spirit of adventure by climbing and playing freely on the nets. Following this energetic activity, boys and girls were interested in trying to craft some pottery. Children were enjoying playing with clay and making different models. At the end of the day, the children were very happy to receive presents and keep the products they made from these activities. The whole day brought joy and happiness to the children.

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