Projects - Girls Career Pathway (GCP)

The GCP project aims to build the self-reliance of orphan girls to seek new professions and provide them with the knowledge, experience and key life and business skills to lead better lives.

Awlady Orphanage is home to more than 305 girls and boys between the age of one month and 30 years. The orphanage tries to provide the children with a normal life, despite their difficult circumstances. Girls, however, complain from having plenty of leisure time. They, moreover, lack in life-skills as well as the technical skills that enable them to find employment opportunities after their graduation.

Recognizing the need to provide a supportive framework in which young girls can gain self-reliance and self-confidence as well as learn new life, technical and business skills, Gozour foundation has established the GCP capacity building program for the girls to address their employability, equipping them with the tools to fend for themselves, and encourage them to utilize their leisure time constructively. GCP exposes the girls to new professions and provides them with the knowledge, experience and key life and business skills by offering them a series of workshops that include Nursing Assistance Training; Computer and Business Skills Training; and Women's Accessories Making Training. All girls participating in the program are also provided with training on life skills and job interviews and other relevant business skills.

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