About Us

Gozour Foundation for Development is an Egyptian non-profit organization established in 2010, registration number 7885/2010 as a part of the corporate social responsibility of the Center for Development Services (CDS)

The idea behind Gozour is simple; many people judge trees from their outside appearance and how many fruit they bear. Professional horticulturalists, however, think otherwise. They are interested in the trees’ roots. A tree with strong, thick roots supports a thick trunk; carries plenty of leaves; and bears abundant fruit. It is capable of resisting diseases and surviving mighty storms. It takes a great effort to grow a tree with strong roots. This kind of tree is precious. Like trees, communities need to have solid foundations and intrinsic values to support themselves and face challenges.

Gozour Foundation aims at tackling the underlying root causes of major societal problems. We believe that simply addressing the symptoms without addressing the root causes creates more challenges in the long run. We work closely with the poor and pay particular attention to marginalized groups of the society. We help them to discover their roots, re-evaluate their identity and their capabilities, and work hard to build and rejuvenate themselves and their communities. We are committed to improve their living conditions and ensure that they enjoy healthy and productive lives in a sustainable manner.

We believe that ordinary Egyptians at the grassroots level have the aptitude to improve their livelihoods and living environments. They have the inner strength to do so, but need guidance, tools and resources to achieve such needed change.

Egyptians have a magnificent cultural heritage; deeply rooted traditions; and a strong social capital. To rejuvenate our cultural heritage, we aim to promote global learning and exchange of experience with other countries to establish lasting friendships with other nations and enhance personal growth. We work with those who are committed to build themselves. Our emphasis is supporting children and women, who are traditionally disadvantaged. We are committed to serve all vulnerable groups to develop their self-reliance mechanisms and protect themselves against all forms of violence, exploitation and discrimination.

To achieve our aims, our team of committed and motivated young women and men work with community members seeking a better life. Managed by a clear vision and the ability to plan firm strategies, innovative and unique technical capabilities, and constructive relations with all stakeholders the Foundation staff are catalysts of social change. Our strong belief in the power of volunteerism allows us to utilize the vast human resources willing to support the development of marginalized and underprivileged communities.